i’m a bit late on this one. a bit a lot late. but that’s alright. we can’t all be perfect. maybe it’s time you lowered your expectations? you go through life expecting things of people, and you’ll only end up getting let down. especially by this review. and you don’t want that. you want this:

angus three cheese and bacon

so arby’s angus three cheese & bacon, first introduced in 1932, is arby’s attempt to get on the angus train. which, imho, is a much more appropriate choice than their original plan to get on the anus train. both popular choices, but one more family-friendly than the other. the sandwich features their super anus beef, which is similar to their regular beef, but decidedly more tender, moist, and better seasoned. just like an anus. also, the texture is a bit different from their normal roast beef, as you can see in the photo. it’s like we’re playing a whole different ball game here. top it off with three different types of cheese (swiss cheese, shredded cheddar cheese, and a parmesan peppercorn ranch sauce) and some thick-cut pepper bacon, toss it on an “italian style roll”, and you’ve got yourself an anus worth eating.

somehow this sandwich works so damn well. it really blew me away. the anal beef is very good, significantly different from their regular beef. and the roll holds up to it well. i don’t know if they used something different than they usually use on their subs, but this bread was phenomenal. pillowy, warm, and chewy. it held its own against the rest of the flavors colliding into one another. the cheeses, which normally i’m not too into on a roast beef sandwich, blend together perfectly into a mess of delicious goo, and the bacon provides and occasional crisp texture and rich flavor to the sub. and they are balanced well by the roasted anus beef. it’s like the perfect storm of flavors. nothing is left behind, and each ingredient is a big player in the overall taste. my only complaint is that it is a bit salty. but what else do you expect with anus?

…and it makes one hell of a sandwich.