arizona black & white tea

now THIS is the money tea, baby! this is where it’s at – the little seen black & white tea, by arizona. it is the perfect blend of black tea and white tea, with just enough sweetness to drink whenever. it is by no means the sweetest tea they make, but it is not bitter at all. juuuuust right. the taste is mostly black, because it is so much stronger a tea than white, but the white balances it well, resulting in a light tasting tea, without any feeling of wanting more. a good, delicate flavor.

the added bonus here is that black & white is one of arizona’s only teas that contains no high fructose corn syrup. they use pure cane sugar. why? i’m not so sure. but the result is a nice, clean sweetness that perfectly accents the light blend of teas.

if this tea were more widely available (for some reason it’s only found at certain stores), i would buy it all the time. it would be my default tea purchase. so if you can find it, give it a try. it may not be as big a taste as you’re used to, but part of its magic is its subtlety.