today some FUCKING SHIT went down:

yeah, i picked up the burger king brand super ribs. i was, how you say, disgusted by these things when i first heard about them. ribs are real food! they have no place in a fast food establishment (well, outside of the mcrib, but that of course isn’t real food)! well, i was approached by a work friend about them recently. he asked if i’d had them yet. when i told him i wasn’t planning on it, he was surprised, because i eat shitty food all the time and love ridiculous bullshit like this. and i do.

and so it was that i purchased and consumed these riblets on this day. and honestly, they were not bad at all. they had a pretty good taste. but they were small, and apparently pretty expensive. so i doubt i’ll be eating much of these in the future, but i was pretty pleasantly surprised by the experience. glad i gave them a try.