AND THE SEARCH CONTINUES for the most wonderful wings in america. or tampa, i guess. just tampa. tonight i went to beef ‘o’ brady’s with my friends, and was greeted with a plethora of wing style options on their menu. i had previously thought they only had variations on the intensity of classic wing sauce. how wrong i was!

look at all those choices! i was most intrigued by the ‘signature buffalo sauce’. all this time, i’ve foolishly assumed that their regular buffalo wing sauce was their regular buffalo wing sauce. stupid me! so i ordered up a whole bunch of these “signature” wings, and prepared my taste buds for a flavor adventure!

beef o'brady's "signature buffalo sauce" wings

so they came out, looking like pretty normal wings. i could tell right away that the sauce was definitely different; this sauce was thicker, and more opaque. and perhaps applied in greater portions per wing (they definitely seemed more coated than their usual wings). so i dug right in. now, i really like beef ‘o’ brady’s wings. their medium wings has come to be pretty much the standard i judge others by – it’s not anything special, but it’s a damn good wing. fried. meaty. good sauce. so these wings had all the basics going for them, all that was different here was the sauce. and honestly, i did not care much for the sauce. it wasn’t bad, but i felt that it lacked the spiciness that their regular wings have. in fact, the flavor was similar enough to their regular wings, that i am pretty confident that they just used the original sauce and cut it by adding some ingredient to thicken it up, like butter.

nothing wrong with the wings, but no need to mess with a good thing. stick to their regular wings.

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