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Angie’s Front Porch Cafe

and now, part two of our exciting two-part series, DRUNKEN NEW YEAR’S EATING ADVENTURE! with our group woken up from a post-partying four hour nap (only slightly interrupted by a fire alarm), plus one member, and some of our ranks mildly hung over, we were ready to partake in a slimy, greasy buffet style continental breakfast, courtesy of the hotel we were staying at. we all met downstairs bright and.. Read More

Red Mesa Cantina

in celebration of the new year, my friends and i all went out to st. petersburg for new year’s eve. in addition to all the dangerously excessive, unhealthy drinking we planned on doing, we knew we had to get something to eat. so we settled on red mesa cantina, a mexican restaurant that may be considered ‘too cool for school’. i mean, half of the place was a club. full.. Read More

Philthy Phil’s Waterfront Bar & Grill

PHILTHY PHIL’S. haha philthy! that’s a fun ohgodnowiseewhytheycallitphilthy….. no. no that’s not right. philthy phil’s is not actually all that philthy. or filthy, for that matter. maybe the upstairs portion where the “cool” kids hang out gets a little filthy every now and then, but the main dining area on the bottom floor was actually pretty clean. FALSE ADVERTISING! strike one, phil… so philthy phil’s, in st. pete on the.. Read More