five guys, if you are not familiar, is a delicious burger place, which also happens to be a chain. there are several locations in the area, but this one is our local haunt, located on fowler, right by the mall. so this place… my god.

seriously. fuck. this picture… this picture is actually a remarkably good representation of the food you’re going to get. these burgers are huge balls of meat and excellent toppings, wrapped in tin foil and shoved into a paper bag, which is topped off with enough incredible fries to instantaneously solidify your arteries. it is a godly meal. truly.

honestly, this is the best burger i am able to obtain on a regular basis, and a meal that i cherish each and every time i get it. it never gets old. JUST TYPING THIS my mouth is watering and i can almost taste it in my mouth. god damn… i love that burger.

obama love that burger.

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