honest tea arnold palmer

so honest tea. it’s like… real tea. from “nature”. it’s fair trade, and organic. without all the crap that we’ve become so accustomed to drinking in sodas and other teas, and pretty much everywhere. corn stuff. so every now and then, it’s a nice relief to drink something that comes from earth (earth meaning the planet, not nature). and honest tea tastes just like that – dirt.

no i’m kidding. it occurs to me now, how often should i make blatantly sarcastic remarks in a review blog? i have a feeling i’ve gone way over the limit. oh well.

so honest tea, honestly, does have a “dirty”, earthy taste. this is mostly due to the fact that it’s really not sweetened very much at all (which is what they say, up front, on the bottle). but it’s not a bad taste! it’s just a more natural, bitter tea flavor. luckily, the tea is not insanely strong either, so it’s not too bitter to drink. it’s actually a really good blend of tea and sweetener for any normal human being. unfortunately for me, i am no normal human being. i like me tea sweet… sweet like candy. so this tea is always a bit too bitter for me. but! the addition of the lemonade in this particular variety actually works out pretty well. it’s just enough of another taste to make it all work.

it’s a really good option if you a.) care about shit and b.) have the money for it (you’re not going to have to take out a mortgage for it or anything, it’s only like 2 bucks for 16.9 oz… yeah, that’s right – 16.9 oz those bastards! who in their right mind would -oh wait it’s 500 mL. stupid americans). unfortunately for me, i will not likely buy this tea that often. what can i say? i’m a sucker for the arizonas/peace teas. that can is so big!

…so big.