all food, in theory, is better when served on a stick. corn dogs? better than un-corn dogs. stuff on a stick? better than stuff not on a stick. khlav kalash?? i don’t think it even exists off a stick. in fact, science has proven that the only form of food conveyance better than on-stick is on-ring. and onion ring. mmm… onion ring.

ay poppy

the island girl from island girl cakes (she might be a pineapple??) was kind enough to donate a full dozen of her lava red velvet cake pops to “the cause” (my mouth). let me start off by saying how beautiful these things turned out. with the plastic wrapping, they are actually pretty classy. i could see handing these out at fancy social events, like a bar mitzvah or anal bleaching. they also could potentially be used as small projectiles, to be chucked at guests of honor, such as the bride and groom of a wedding.

the inner cake pop

the insides are a decadent bloody mess of moist cake. rather than a nasty slimy interior, as a lot of cake balls seem to turn out, these pops were the perfect moistness, coming across like a real cake. the cake is rich, velvety, smooth, and delicious, balancing the thick white chocolate coating perfectly, melting together into a potentially addictive two-bite sized snack. these were actually really good!

island girl cake pops is an online shop, but they are based in tampa. they do a whole bunch of styles and flavors (standard “classics”, gourmet, holiday, and even custom), and their blog showcases some of their past work. the prices range from 25-30 dollars per dozen.

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