kazoozle pink lemonade package

as i had mentioned before, i quite enjoy wonka’s kazoozles. stupid name, crazy candy. unique. well, in addition to their standard “cherry punch” flavored ropes, they have a pink lemonade flavor. being such a big fan of the original, i had high expectations for this modified version. and honestly, i can’t really complain.

kazoozle pink lemonade

the pink lemonade style kazoozles are a completely different beast from their “normal” counterparts, which is pretty awesome. instead of just throwing a couple different flavors into the same machine process, they gave the pink lemonade kazoozles a light sugary coating, and “rib” the ropes for your pleasure. in addition, the licorice outer “rope” part is a bit less starchy, and a bit more chewy (so it seems). it results in an entirely different candy experience. the flavors you get are a somewhat bland but sweet exterior, overpowered by the tart yet sweet inside. there is a nice lemony finish, but nothing too strong. i don’t believe the sugar coating contributes at all to the sourness here; that’s all provided by the creamy center.

all in all, it’s a pretty good candy. it certainly holds its own against the original, even without the textural additions. i definitely prefer the original for its flavor (i don’t care much for lemon flavors), but i appreciate the sour alternative, and buy it on occasion mostly for the ribbing. it’s a completely different sensation.