so i went to krystal burger and tried their new “game time wings”. actually, i tried like five different items there. it seems that every time i go to krystal, i have to order just about as many different items as i can think of at the drive through menu. it’s sick. but it always results in a corn pup, so it’s okay. [try their corn pups!]

so i wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this. drive through wings are rarely a good thing, although to be fair, they are pretty rare altogether. they have three varieties: hot ‘n wild, zingin’ buffalo, and somkin’ bbq (all featuring mouthwatering apostrophes!). i was a bit confused at the window, and ended up ordering hot ‘n wild, though if i had another chance, i’d have gotten zingin’ buffalo. ah well. regrets.

they took a little extra time to cook than the rest of the order, and they came out hot, with a side of blue cheese… or ranch. i dunno which. i didn’t use it. the wings themselves were really small, dinky even. in fact, i thought that i had just gotten an order of chicken nuggets (does krystal even make chicken nuggets?? i hope not), because they were so small, and they had breaded and fried exteriors. but alas, they were just tiny. they had a good bite to them, although nothing extraordinary, but there was nothing wet about them outside of the tender chicken meat. i really do prefer a wet wing to a dry one, regardless of flavor.

all that i can really say that i liked about these was they tasted like a nice fried chicken with decent spices. but right next to krystal is a popeyes, AND a church’s! so it’s like… why bother? i wouldn’t again.

but i will go back for all their other awesome food. corn pups, anyone?

eat corn pups.