lay's honey barbecue potato chips

okay, so i just checked lay’s website, and apparently they have a shit ton of different flavors (of which, honey barbecue is curiously not listed…). i had no idea! well good for them, i say. i enjoy a potato chip every now and then, and flavored chips i enjoy all the more. my favorite flavored potato chips of all time is ruffles now defunct “the works” chips, which attempted to emulate a loaded baked potato (did it? i can’t quite recall. but it sure tasted good). those were the best, and it made me feel fat just eating them. good times. now i know, no barbecue flavored chip is going to measure up to that, but that doesn’t mean i won’t like them.

this was the first time i’d actually seen the honey barbecue flavor lay’s chips, so i decided why not pick them up. i don’t know how long they’ve been around for, but i am just going to go ahead and assume i am the first person to try them. WHAT AN HONOR!

so. the chips are pretty much your standard lay’s chips; only half the bag is filled when you open it, some are coated better than others, and there are a few awesome chips that kind of folded over on themselves while being cooked, turning into a super double-chip. they look much the same as lay’s regular barbecue chips, and truth be told, they taste much the same as well. i was really disappointed to find that i couldn’t taste any notes of honey at all. that was the main reason i picked these up! they really just tasted like a normal barbecue, just a little muted. less barbecue flavor. it’s not like they’re bad, but why bother with them? i was hoping for something unique, a sweet counterpart to their spicy “hot & spicy barbecue” flavor chips (which are good!).

oh well… they can’t all be winners.