while i get my vacation on in LA, here’s something to tide you over. this is a review i wrote in early 2007, on a personal blog (or as we called them back in those days, online journal). it is pretty much better than anything i’ve written since i started this blog. ENJOY!

ah another day, another crisis.


yes. pizza pizza. well, as it turns out, hot ‘n’ ready is not quite the deal i thought it would be. in fact, you would be better off eating the five dollar bill you would be spending on the pizza instead of buying this shit. it tasted like cardboard, was only warm-ish, and looked like something you might vomit after swallowing cheese and a handful of razorblades.

which is, of course, disappointing to me. i am a pizza guy. not that i ever expect much from a chain restaurant, but little caesars… we had something going! a relationship. back in middle school, the ala carte line offered up slices of little caesars pizza every day, and this pizza helped me through the hard times. it offered a glimpse of what lay beyond the terrible brick walls of that bully-infested land known as weightman. tewms.

and since then, i know that little caesars has not been doing all that well. you’re hard pressed to find any (although i do know the locations ‘closest to home’ in both tampa and orlando, but they aren’t everywhere like pizza hut or even domino’s). but you know what? i kinda hoped that these last remaining outlets of the great caesar’s would hold something for me. that perhaps they would allow me transport back to the days of old.

but no. just crappy pizza. and disappointment. so i say no more caesar! no more wasted five dollar bills!