milky way simply caramel

well i must say i was a bit surprised by this one. i like normal milky ways just fine. i like their midnight milky ways even better. but that’s mostly because there is a good combination of the nougat and the caramel. there’s always got to be the perfect balance in these chocolate bars. that’s why i like those mini reese’s best of all – the normal ones have too much peanut butter, but those little ones are just right. so i was pretty skeptical of these crazy milky way simply caramels. well of course that would be TOO MUCH CARAMEL! but it was not.

the bars are thinner than a standard milky way bar (less tall, that is). and the layer of chocolate is a bit thicker too, i think, providing a different ratio than i was expecting. so that was worked out for the best. the caramel itself tastes the same as in regular milky ways, and is a good consistency. it’s somewhere between rolo tough (dislike) and caramello near-liquid (mmm), providing a satisfying chew that is soft enough that the chocolate breaks up around it.

it was quite good! although the entire bar taken all at once is a bit much, maybe had they split it in two like they do with the “2 to go” candy bars, one now and one later would be a bit easier to tolerate. but if you like caramel, you should like this.