peace tea - imported ceylon tea

i’m a big fan of the tea. all sorts of tea, actually – green tea, red tea, black tea, white tea; hot, cold, nasty lukewarm – it’s all good. i find arizona tea to be a good substitute for “real” tea, and the giant cans for a dollar is a deal i thought couldn’t be beaten. UNTIL I FOUND PEACE TEA!!!

*insert advertisement-featuring-art-with-that-“indie”-look-to-make-heartless-a-corporation-seem-like-they-don’t-just-want-your-money-and-actually-stand-for-something-decent here*

eh whatever. advertisers do what they do. regardless of their intentions, they produce a product called peace tea, and there are four flavors (green, sweet lemon, ceylon, and “razzleberry”), each of which uses actual real-life sugar as a sweetener, rather than high fructose corn syrup, or the dreams of newborn babies. or whatever. also maybe a bit of sucralose (gives you super cancer)…(not really). but the main point here is that it offers a nice alternative to arizona iced tea, and is delivered in the same big can, at the same low price.

the ceylon tea is my favorite of the bunch, and though i do not know exactly what ceylon tea is (…tea… from ceylon… i think it’s magical). it’s a nice amber color, with a kind of darker, black tea taste. but let’s be honest – mostly i’m just tasting sugar here. and i’m cool with that. i’m a sucker for sweet teas, and that’s what i’m getting here. just something a bit heavier than my standard arizona green tea.

i recommend it. just don’t get mad at me when you find out that it’s not really tea at all.

UPDATE: you know… the more i drink this tea, the more it grosses me out. i can’t get over that “fake sugar” diet sweetener after taste. in recent weeks, i’ve pretty much written off peace tea entirely, in favor of the classic arizona teas. sorry, peace tea – go to hell.