WITNESS the unholy union of lemon and orange!! resulting in a whitish soda! contained in a green bottle! capped with a silver cap! named after a winter sport. what sort of mad person could devise such a brew, specifically designed to arouse and confuse the senses? with so much going on all at once, it’s a wonder i was able to drink any at all before slipping into one of my violent fits, spilling the rest of the drink around me and shattering the bottle, leaving me scratched and bloodied for the poor people at subs-n-such to find.

as i recovered in the hospital, i would often see flashes of green light, accompanied by strong citrus scents, having forgotten entirely of my soda experience. i complained to the doctors about it so much that they eventually just stopped responding to me. left alone, i sought comfort in the internet, as accessed through my phone. soon, my morbid obsession with the word “ski” landed me on this website. all at once, the soft drink that is ski came back to me, and after weeks of therapy, i think i’m finally able to see ski for what it is – a citrus soda.

ski apparently was developed by the people who made double cola, one of my preferred non-coke colas. ski uses real lemon and real orange in their recipe, leaving the soda a slightly opaque, milky white color similar to squirt, and giving it a more natural, almost pithy taste. it is sweet enough up front, but the flavor resolves into tartness quickly. surprisingly, the makers found the perfect balance between orange and lemon, so that neither flavor is dominant, but both are clearly present. and they work well together. my only complaint here is that it’s not sweet enough, long enough for me. but if you’re into natural flavors, this is a great soda choice. just be ready for the inevitable sensory overload.

a little tart, but a solid soda. perfect when the mood strikes.