snickers dark

maybe i’m a little late to the party… snickers dark came out in 2007(!), but this is the first time i’ve had it. i guess that because i’m usually not into dark chocolate variations on classics (once i ate an entire dark chocolate scottish terrier… never looked at dark chocolate the same again). but i finally decided to give it a go.

i kind of consider the traditional snickers bar to be the golden standard for candy bars. the combination of nougat, peanuts, caramel, and chocolate is always in perfect proportions, somehow becoming greater than the sum of its parts. it was my favorite candy bar for the bulk of my childhood. so i have some pretty strong feelings for the bar. and those feelings shine through still – why mess with a good thing? the candy bar is perfect with milk chocolate, so why do the dark chocolate thing? but i guess some people prefer the dark chocolate. if only i were that classy.

but even with my milk chocolatey leanings, i was still able to find something to like about this candy bar. the dark chocolate played off the flavor of the peanuts , resulting in a nice balanced bitter taste, reminding me of coffee. the rest of the candy bar was largely the same as normal snickers, so i could see this as being a good substitute if you find the dark chocolate mood strikes.

AND IT’S ONLY 240 CALORIES 12% OF YOUR DV!!!!! totally badass!!