steak ‘n shake is at it again! “it” being making money and selling food. i guess. i mean they always do that shit. it’s so like them.

i love steak ‘n shake. my local steak ‘n shake was a HUGE post-high school hangout, and eventually became my former workplace. and even after years of loyal service, i still somehow enjoy eating there. it’s because they make some damn good burgers. and it seems that they are FINALLY putting two and two together, and making four (well, maybe three and a half), with the new (i guess it’s like… putting one and two together, so just three) royale steakburger. [if that link is not working for you, congratulations – you’re in the future! and apparently that sandwich did not sell well.]

royale steakburger

it’s something you probably could have just ordered all along during breakfast hours, but now made available to everybody all the time: a steakburger with an egg on top. a delicious combination that you should try if you never have. the royale comes standard with two steakburger patties, an egg cooked over hard, topped with american cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato, and a slathering of mayonnaise. now, i hate mayonnaise, so i ordered mine without it. i quickly found that to be an unsatisfactorily dry decision, so i added some ketchup. bad choice. this is one of those times when i should just bite the bullet and go with mayonnaise. it’s just the right lubricant for this thing.

okay, so my big problem with this thing is the egg. which i guess is a big problem indeed for a burger whose only trick is eggy on top. it is just cooked too much. when i have a burger topped with an egg, i want the yolk to be runny, making a huge slimy mess of the whole thing. i mean, who doesn’t like wiping up runny yolk with their toast? and in this case, it would be a whole burger! if that had been the case here, it might have not needed the mayo at all! …well, maybe not. but still. it makes a bit difference. the egg on this was one texture all the way through. kinda boring. and the toppings (lettuce & tomato) were a bit unnecessary – all that matters here is the meat and eggs. it’s breakfast on a bun!

so. i will order it again. yes. but in the future, i will definitely leave off the lettuce and tomato, order the egg over medium or maybe even over easy, and *shudders* keep the mayo. ooh and maybe add some grilled onions? yeeeeaaahhhh. all in all, a solid menu choice.