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California Pizza Kitchen: THE NEXT GENERATION at the International Plaze in West Shore

Remember California Pizza Kitchen? Back before they became kings of the frozen food aisle, they used to have actual restaurants! Remember that? It may shock you to learn that those restaurants still exist today! And, perhaps even more mind blowing, these California Pizza Kitchens appear to be evolving into something new… something sentient, far more powerful and fancy, and featuring non-pizza food items. Believe it! Except for maybe that sentient part… Read More

Taco Bell’s Cantina Bell Burrito

OHHH TACO BELL YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN! bouncing straight off the wild popularity of your wildly mediocre doritos locos tacos, you’ve done a complete 180 and gone for the jugular of gourmet food. it works perfectly, because whenever i think “taco bell”, i immediately think “gourmet violent explosive diarrhea”. let’s see if they can expand that special flavor of gourmet directly into their food! this is the cantina bell menu… Read More

Uncle Fat’s Tavern & Full Liquor

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes. this is my kinda place. right? right. a tavern. and what exactly is meant, by “tavern”? tav·ern/ˈtavərn/ Noun: An establishment for the sale of beer and other drinks to be consumed on the premises, sometimes also serving food. See: redneck bar right. redneck bar. got it. thanks google! so pulling into this place, parking my volkswagen in a parking lot of pickup trucks, and taking out my camera.. Read More

the Columbia Restaurant

sure, everyone’s been to the columbia restaurant. i’m sure you’ve been. yeah, you. just look at that smug look on your ugly face. think you’re special? well you’re not. you ain’t shit. that is, until you’ve been given an exclusive private tour of the columbia by a fourth generation columbia family member, after being driven there in a tight-azz limousine. …and by ‘tight-azz limousine’, i mean limo/bus hybrid, and by.. Read More

Chicken McRib Flatbread Sandwich

remember that movie the perfect storm? there was this boat in the center of the ocean, and all of a sudden a hurricane, a tornado, a monsoon, a tsunami, an earthquake, and el niño all struck at once. everybody started puking and dying. yeah, that’s pretty much what this is here. get yo ass ready. recently, i noticed that taco bell was featuring their delightful chicken flatbread sandwiches at the.. Read More