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Indian Flatbread and Sadie’s of New Mexico

okay, look – i’ve been BUSY, alright?? get off my goddamn back about it!! we all have lives, okay, and sometimes that real shit gets in the way all the other bullshit we just loooove to do. get it? GET IT?!?! oh god, okay, don’t… don’t cry. come on. buck up. i didn’t mean to yell. i just… i got a lot on my plate right now. but i care,.. Read More

Taqueria Monterrey Mexican Grill

the taco bus had a baby, and they named it taqueria monterrey. actually, it had two of them. but let’s focus on the younger, more attractive one. so much more full of life. not yet weighed down by the harsh realities of life. and so very sexy. taqueria monterrey mexican grill is tucked into a small strip mall on fletcher, with a tattoo parlor on one side, and an abc.. Read More

Taco Bell’s Quad Steak Burrito

oh taco bell. you’ve been going through a lot lately. you’ve fallen on dark times. but you know what? i’m still there for you, baby. i’ll never leave your side. …never. i was totally STOKED OUT OF MY FEEBLE MIND when i heard that they were releasing the brand new quadrilateral steakums burrito! steak, in a tortilla. TIMES FOUR. or something. actually, ‘quad steak’ is a very strange name. what.. Read More

La Mexicana Salsa

now THIS is some fresh salsa. dis ain’t none of dat lame-ass tostito bull. nah, dis is LA MEXICANA. la mexicana’s claim to fame is their freshness, and they make good on that claim [although, i don’t think it can really be called a claim to fame, because i sure as hell have never heard of them before]. i just saw it when shopping at publix, which was, in fact,.. Read More