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Wingstop’s Gliders

MOVE OVER CHUNK FILET! there’s a new chicken sandwich in town, and it’s from a wing place. excited? probably not. i mean, who cares, right? just another chicken sandwich. who doesn’t serve chicken sandwiches these days? even arby’s has started doing it. so whatchu got, wingstop? they call them “gliders”. i guess because wingstop tries to relate everything to airplanes or something. i mean, you go inside the place and.. Read More


had some wings today. REAL MEN LOVE WINGS. so i went to the wingstop, part of the university collection, with my brother. this place is a chain, like many of the wing places i eat at, so it’s not TOO exciting, but let’s face it – wings are always exciting. spicy. crispy. chickeny. *not pictured: a COKE i picked up a “combo meal” of sorts: 15 wings in two different.. Read More