thanksgiving spread

thanksgiving is an awesome holiday because it is all about celebrating food. what a great idea!

in honor of this sacred day, here are a bunch of photos from my family’s thanksgiving dinner.

delicious crescent rolls
green bean casserole
the essential green bean casserole
dat delicious dark meat
turkey separated out by white and dark meat. dark meat wins. flawless victory.
the stuffing
incredible stuffing
cauliflower casserole
a wonderful cauliflower casserole
sweet potato caserole
a new take on the sweet potato casserole, featuring bananas on the inside!
mashed potatoes
mountains of mashed potatoes: the essential slop building block.
perfect pumpkin pie
a perfect little pumpkin pie.


the fully loaded plate
and this is how we do it.


BONUS: here’s my family’s secret recipe for post-thanksgiving “slop”!

1. grab all your leftovers; throw them in a large microwavable bowl.

2. nuke ’em.

3. stir.

4. eat.