okay, so in general, i’m not a big fan of twizzlers. i do not like black licorice, and their regular strawberry is merely tolerable, and pretty much anything else twizzler has made that i’ve purchased has to be eaten over the course of a week, because it’s so easy for me to get sick of that stuff (except twerpz… mm twerpz). but i am a big fan of things filled with various sorts of slime, so i thought this product might work out for me.

well… it didn’t. it was gross. right out of the package, these things were slimy. and extremely pliable, unlike regular twizzlers. the candy itself was much chewier than i expected. i think that maybe had the outside been a little tougher, it would have been a nice difference from the gooey sour stuff on the inside, and at least the texture might have redeemed the candy. the flavor was pretty awful too – the citrus was rancid and tart, and though the cherry was sweet and tolerable in small doses, by the end of one twist i was done.

i’ll stick to my kazoozles.