wendy’s. quality is their recipe, eh? EH? bold claim for a fast food restaurant, wendy. but truth be told, wendy’s does do a pretty good job of having fresh (tasting) ingredients, and their meat is high quality. i always think of wendy’s as being a bit classier than other fast food burger chains. i mean, they sell baked potatoes! BAKED POTATOES, at a fast food restaurant! classy.

so good. yeah. whatever. quality well may be their recipe. but creativity certainly isn’t.

asiago ranch chicken club

enter the asiago ranch chicken club sandwich. a chicken sandwich, with bacon (wendy’s must never run out of bacon), ranch, lettuce and tomato, and asiago cheese. you’re given the option to order it spicy, grilled, or “homestyle” (just fried). i went with the spicy, of course.

so it’s the asiago cheese that makes this sandwich so special. or… or at least it would be, if i could taste it. asiago cheese is an aged italian cheese, that is supposed to be a bit sweet and have a nutty flavor. maybe it’s just too mild, because all i tasted was chicken. and bacon. and ranch. but really, the problem here is that this is not a new combination to me, or to anyone who goes to fast food places. and wendy’s claims that this is a “bold” new take on the sandwich, a “rebel” of the club world. if you consider ranch and asiago cheese to be rebellious, then i guess it is. but it wasn’t anything exciting to me.

that’s not to speak ill of wendy’s chicken sandwiches. they are the ones who made me love the spicy chicken sandwich! it was a fine sandwich in general. but to claim that it is “anything but boring”, while having offered what is more or less the same taste for years, well… all i got from this was boring.

not bad. just nothing new.