it’s a sequel! my first sequel. a sequel to this: Airheads Xtremes Sweetly Sour Belts – Rainbow Berry.

ahe packaging

okay so i knew these other flavors existed, but i had never seen them. until today. well, actually, until last saturday. but whatever. i found them at, of all places, the manliest of truck stops, state road 52’s flying j. SO MANLY. i never like going to the flying j… there’s always something crazy going on. this time there was a woman screaming at someone on her cell phone in the middle of the drink aisle. why would anyone do this? not only is it happening in public, but she could have just as easily hung up the phone, and ended the confrontation. but i was too scared to say anything, so i just grabbed my candy and ran.

ahe belts

i gotta say my favorite thing about this candy is the way it looks. i mean come on… those stripes! and AMERICA STRIPES! hellz yeah. maybe that’s why they carried them at the trucker’s station; they thought they were patriotic candies. well at least the bluest raspberry. the lemonade rush… your guess is as good as mine.

okay so the candies… same deal as before, licorice belts, sour, a bit slimy. but generally good quality. the flavors are what’s different here. the lemonade is pretty gross. it has the sour tart of a lemon, but very little of the sweetness that makes lemonade drinkable. and the lemony flavor is more like the flavor of the pith than the lemon itself… kinda gross.

but the bluest raspberry… mm yes. i like it. good blue raspberry flavor, just a bit sour. could be more sour. but i’m a sucker for blue raspberry candy. blue candy is good candy. but honestly, i would be more likely to buy the rainbow berry anyway, just because of the more fun colors. i take offense at the america-themed stripes on bluest raspberry.