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California Pizza Kitchen: THE NEXT GENERATION at the International Plaze in West Shore

Remember California Pizza Kitchen? Back before they became kings of the frozen food aisle, they used to have actual restaurants! Remember that? It may shock you to learn that those restaurants still exist today! And, perhaps even more mind blowing, these California Pizza Kitchens appear to be evolving into something new… something sentient, far more powerful and fancy, and featuring non-pizza food items. Believe it! Except for maybe that sentient part… Read More

New York, New York Pizza

there are like a billion pizza places living around where i live (hyde park). i’m pretty sure it’s like a billion. and, as with snowflakes, each one is more unique than the last. and i love pizza! so by all rights, this blog should have turned into a pizza blog. it would be called “pizza adventures, by the food monster”. yet this has not come to pass. let us remedy.. Read More

Trio’s gyro • pizza • burger

UPDATE: trio’s, sadly, has gone under. no more trio’s. * * * ah, the gyro • pizza • burger. did ever such a perfect beast exist? no. no! of course not. only in dreams. BUT. this place came close. because they INVENTED, for the first time ever, definitely, confirmed 100%, the pizza with gyro stuff on it. my god… what has science done? the place is called trio’s. i mean,.. Read More

Five Star Pizza

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SHITTY PIZZA?? welcome to college, idiot. population: everyone. are you ready to not have any money, and eat what is basically the taste equivalent of dirt? you’d better be. because every night, for the rest of your college career, this will be your dinner: wow! five stars? that’s a lot of stars! like, all of ’em, right? all the stars? listen. lemme level with you.. Read More

Ally’s New York Pizzeria

are you ready for this? i don’t think you’re ready for this. i don’t even know if i was ready for this. but i guess that’s usually the way it goes when it comes to all the important events in life. birth. death. first day of school. first time having sex. this is gonna be like the sex. except that you might not be as excited. you might not want.. Read More