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Dunkin’ Donuts Men in Black Promotional Goodies: Black Cocoa Creme Iced Coffee, Undercover Black Cocoa Donut, and Chocolate Lunarmax Donut

now daddy this is a very sensitive subject… i recommend playing that through your entire reading of this review. it will allow you a higher appreciation of the products listed below, as well as life itself. i was given a cordial invitation to sample various goods released by dr. dunkin’ d. donuts himself, william d. “dunkin’ d. donuts” smith. in fact, i think he invented them himself. is there anything.. Read More

Five Star Pizza

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SHITTY PIZZA?? welcome to college, idiot. population: everyone. are you ready to not have any money, and eat what is basically the taste equivalent of dirt? you’d better be. because every night, for the rest of your college career, this will be your dinner: wow! five stars? that’s a lot of stars! like, all of ’em, right? all the stars? listen. lemme level with you.. Read More

Taco Bell’s Bacon Ranch Chicken Flatbread Sandwich

have you ever lost someone you loved? lost someone, someone so dear to you, that your entire world fell apart as a result? i’m talking death, breakup, ended friendships, moving away… the breaking of a bond that was so strong that nothing else mattered beyond it. the end of life as you knew it. you ever have that? …’cause i have. once i had to bury my dead. turn my.. Read More

Bruno’s Pizza

UPDATE: my friend, carlos from carlos eats, sent me this devastating link: dirty dining: bruno’s pizza. turns out they were recently shut down for having too many roaches in the kitchen. not too surprised here. i had called them about their being shut down, and was told there had been a gas leak. well, it looks like in addition to being nasty beyond legal limits, they’re also liars. GO TEAM.. Read More

Noodle n’ Thai

i have long had fantasies about slurping crap noodles from a bowl in some awesome asian noodle shop. it’s a simple wish. i spent my first year in college living off of ramen, and i have nothing but fond memories of it. especially sapporo ichiban chow mein. my god. it is so. good. and it’s one click away. you can order 24 packs online, right now. that kind of convenience.. Read More