i likes me some sour candy. gummies and sour candies are often my favorite of all the candy types. maybe i’m partial to the wacky colors… i don’t know. but i do know that seeing something like airhead’s “XTREMES” sour belts in a convenience store automatically warrants a second glance, and usually a purchase. THE COLORS, DUKE! THE COLORS!!!

the airheads xtreme line is nothing like their original airheads, and to me, that’s a relief (i am currently sick of airheads, after trying to work my way through a halloween-sized bag of them all by myself). these belts are long and flat, coated with that awesome sour sugar stuff, and divided into five intensely bright and opaque colors that can be pulled apart and eaten individually (if you have some sort of ocd, or perhaps you’re just generally insane). the texture is a lot like the sour punch straws, a starchy licorice, just pressed out into belts. they tend to get a bit slimy, but the flovor is worth putting up with that. they have a good, bright fruity flavor of uncertain origins. all i know is that it is fun, chewy candy. and i like that.

these things are great. if you like sour candy, grab some. and get some of the airheads extreme sour rolls while you’re at it, which i like a bit better, but is basically more of the same thing.