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Michael Angelo’s Microwavable Meals

ahhh the TV dinner. the most convenient way to enjoy a full meal, and the reason the microwave was invented. how many countless evenings were saved by opting to nuke one of the many varieties of frozen foodstuffs, rather than consume whatever else was at hand (cats, for example)? yes, truly the best alternative to eating cats were tiny trays of frozen food, preferably presented to you by a penguin.. Read More

Indian Flatbread and Sadie’s of New Mexico

okay, look – i’ve been BUSY, alright?? get off my goddamn back about it!! we all have lives, okay, and sometimes that real shit gets in the way all the other bullshit we just loooove to do. get it? GET IT?!?! oh god, okay, don’t… don’t cry. come on. buck up. i didn’t mean to yell. i just… i got a lot on my plate right now. but i care,.. Read More

Thanksgiving 2010

thanksgiving is an awesome holiday because it is all about celebrating food. what a great idea! in honor of this sacred day, here are a bunch of photos from my family’s thanksgiving dinner.     BONUS: here’s my family’s secret recipe for post-thanksgiving “slop”! 1. grab all your leftovers; throw them in a large microwavable bowl. 2. nuke ’em. 3. stir. 4. eat.

The Vet 2010 – The Black Swan

veterans day is my favorite holiday. it’s just the best. of course, i actively celebrate veterans day, unlike most people i know. unlike all people i know, actually, except one. in fact, my friend and i may be the only two people in the world who really celebrate veterans day. oh and before i get too much further, this has nothing to do with veterans. except maybe veterans of veterans.. Read More