pretzel m&m's

i am okay with m&m’s. just okay. regular m&m’s are easy to get sick of really quickly. peanut m&m’s are the best of the bunch, but only as a rare treat. any other m&m product is stupid. stupid meaning not good enough to buy (this may not be true about peanut butter m&m’s, but they just aren’t my thing). but i love chocolate covered pretzels! there’s just something about the salty-meets-sweet of pretzels bathed in chocolate… something wonderful. so i was excited when i heard about the pretzel m&m’s.

i became much less excited about them when i tried them.

they aren’t bad, i guess. but they’re not good. the “pretzel” on the inside is huge, and super salty. not to mention the fact that it is made from a really crappy tasting dough. the layer of chocolate is just barely there, totally overpowered by the pretzel and the taste of the candy coating. and the candy coating itself does not go together well with the pretzel insides. these things are kinda gross. and to top it all off, they are fatter than the peanut m&m’s, so they can only fit a few inside the standard size bag.

if you don’t try these, you’re not missing anything. that orange m&m dude should have stuck with the crispy.