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Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Mint Creams and S’mashing S’mores

while i was in california, i noticed an abundance of stores called “trader joe’s“. we do not have any of these stores around here, but i had heard of them from The Best Candy Blog on the Intarwebz™, Candy Blog. candy blog has reviewed countless millions (well, i’m sure one could count, but i’m not going to) of candy products produced by trader joe’s, and with each new review, i.. Read More

IN-N-OUT Burger

i spent the last week in los angeles, california. this was my first time visiting california, or even traveling west of texas, so i was pretty excited. NOT ABOUT THE SIGHTS, DUMMY. about the food! oh the food! so the first place i went, of course, was the legendary IN-N-OUT burger. i have heard much of the in-n-out burger over the years. i’ve read many claims that it is “the.. Read More