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Chicken McRib Flatbread Sandwich

remember that movie the perfect storm? there was this boat in the center of the ocean, and all of a sudden a hurricane, a tornado, a monsoon, a tsunami, an earthquake, and el niƱo all struck at once. everybody started puking and dying. yeah, that’s pretty much what this is here. get yo ass ready. recently, i noticed that taco bell was featuring their delightful chicken flatbread sandwiches at the.. Read More

Taco Bell’s Bacon Ranch Chicken Flatbread Sandwich

have you ever lost someone you loved? lost someone, someone so dear to you, that your entire world fell apart as a result? i’m talking death, breakup, ended friendships, moving away… the breaking of a bond that was so strong that nothing else mattered beyond it. the end of life as you knew it. you ever have that? …’cause i have. once i had to bury my dead. turn my.. Read More

Taco Bell’s Chicken Enchilada Grilled Stuft Burrito

…i am a bitter, bitter man. bitter may be the best word to describe be. well, maybe hungry. but bitter is in there. like a mug of straight up black columbian coffee. or a 99% cacao dark chocolate. nose-scrunching bitter. so keep that in mind as you read this. TODAY i tried the chicken enchilada grilled stuft burrito from taco bell. yes. i love taco bell. we’ve been over that… Read More

Taco Bell’s Chicken Flatbread Sandwich

i tried taco bell’s NEW chicken flatbread sandwich today. and i was not expecting much from this thing. the commercials make it look a lot like their regular chicken quesadillas (which i’m quite partial to), except made on a flatbread, and smaller. and they already did that with their quesadillas! they had QUESADILLA XL or XTREME or SUPERBIG a while back, which was just the quesadillas on a thicker flatbread,.. Read More