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Twinz Big City Hotdogs

UPDATE: TWINZ is re-opening at a MUCH better location, on fletcher and dale mabry. check it out! * * * so every week we have a movie night. it’s a group of friends who all come together, go to the theater, see a shitty movie, and then grab some food and discuss why we still go and see all these shitty movies. normally we end up going out somewhere dumb.. Read More

Philthy Phil’s Waterfront Bar & Grill

PHILTHY PHIL’S. haha philthy! that’s a fun ohgodnowiseewhytheycallitphilthy….. no. no that’s not right. philthy phil’s is not actually all that philthy. or filthy, for that matter. maybe the upstairs portion where the “cool” kids hang out gets a little filthy every now and then, but the main dining area on the bottom floor was actually pretty clean. FALSE ADVERTISING! strike one, phil… so philthy phil’s, in st. pete on the.. Read More


had some wings today. REAL MEN LOVE WINGS. so i went to the wingstop, part of the university collection, with my brother. this place is a chain, like many of the wing places i eat at, so it’s not TOO exciting, but let’s face it – wings are always exciting. spicy. crispy. chickeny. *not pictured: a COKE i picked up a “combo meal” of sorts: 15 wings in two different.. Read More

Hamburger Mary’s

UPDATE: apparently hamburger mary’s has been temporarily shut down, due to too many rodent droppings. bahahahaha. * * * today i embarked on an ill-advised adventure, cramming myself full of well prepared beef patties and exceptional french [freedom] fries. well… i guess it could have been more insane, but still, it was a lot of meat for one day. the afternoon found me seeking out hangover recovery help from five.. Read More

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

five guys, if you are not familiar, is a delicious burger place, which also happens to be a chain. there are several locations in the area, but this one is our local haunt, located on fowler, right by the mall. so this place… my god. seriously. fuck. this picture… this picture is actually a remarkably good representation of the food you’re going to get. these burgers are huge balls of.. Read More