yeah. it’s the hooters of wing places. wait… no that’s not right. well, it’s like hooters, but somehow less slutty (actually, about the same amount of slutty). same basic set up… bar/grill restaurant, serving decent menu’s worth of food to a bunch of scummy dudes, and a few normal, unsuspecting customers. the women, rather than wearing slutty shorts and tank tops, with ridiculous tights, are dressed conservatively, in an unassuming manner.

so that makes for a delightful setting.

so we ordered some damn wings. medium, buffalo style (non-breaded). this is pretty much the traditional way i enjoy eating wings, so i figured that was the way to go, in order to objectively judge this place. when the wings same out, this is a pretty good representation of what we got:

obviously not a picture taken by me. but this image has the same sort of glossy glazed sheen to the wings, and also features the “winglets”, meaning the tips of the wings, which were left on at the winghouse (the first sign of trouble). so i bit in, and was met with tragedy immediately – the sauce was awful. well, not awful, but it was certainly not what i was expecting. the first thing you noticed was sweet. it was very sweet. and then the second thing you noticed was a distinct lack of any sort of heat. GREAT. medium wings with no zing. you know, honestly, i don’t mind a wing that isn’t too spicy… but if i order wings, i am not looking for sweet. or else i’d have ordered honey barbecue wings. or anything else. so the sauce was basically a honey glaze. you could detect a small hint of vinegar, so i figured it may have been mixed with a more traditional sauce (also indicated by the mess left underneath my friend’s pile of wings, and the taste of the wing sauce sitting bottled on the table). this was later confirmed by our waitress. but the damage was already done. not only were they sweet wings, but they were a fucking hassle to eat, as the wing tips really inhibit the flat eating process. the only thing i can say to the wings’ credit is that they were decent sized, and cooked… fairly well? i didn’t get salmonella poisoning. SCORE!

all in all, on a scale from -10 to 10, 0 being mediocre, i’d rate them “suck”. don’t plan on returning there.