cactus cooler

okay i’m gonna tell you straight up – this is not a cactus drink. I KNOW! WHAT THE HELL? why would they do this to us? …jerks.

the soda is called cactus cooler, allegedly named after fred flintstone’s favorite drink. no one on the internet can confirm this though, because no one who ever watched the flintstones can understand how to use a computer. the astute will have observed that the label clearly indicates this is an “orange pineapple soda”. so don’t expect anything interesting. in fact, don’t expect much at all. this drink was laaaame. and that has some meaning here, because i a.) love soda! b.) love orange soda! c.) love a good pineapple! d.) why can’t i have a cactus flavored drink??

so this soda was not as sweet as i’d like any orange citrus drink to be. i enjoy a decent amount of sweetness there (though not overbearing), and this was more tart than anything else. but ordinarily i could forgive that, seeing as this is supposed to be a orange/pineapple blend. unf-orange-unately (oh yes. yes.) this tastes nothing like pineapple at all. it’s just tart. a tart, crappy orange drink. and i didn’t seem any cooler after i’d finished it than i had before i started! wtf?!

way to drop the ball, dr pepper snapple group.