MOVE OVER CHUNK FILET! there’s a new chicken sandwich in town, and it’s from a wing place. excited? probably not. i mean, who cares, right? just another chicken sandwich. who doesn’t serve chicken sandwiches these days? even arby’s has started doing it. so whatchu got, wingstop?

original hot glider

they call them “gliders”. i guess because wingstop tries to relate everything to airplanes or something. i mean, you go inside the place and they have half an airplane hanging from the ceiling, so i guess they stick to the theme. really, i could care less. i just want wings. so why am i going to a place that specializes in wings to buy a sandwich??

the gimmick here is you can order these chicken sandwiches in any of their wing flavors, including the non-saucy ones. they take a chunk of chicken, dip it, flip it, and you get a sammich. i guess the variety is fun. especially when the sandwiches themselves are ‘fun-sized’! and by ‘fun-sized’, i mean annoyingly small. they come in multiples, as i recall, but you’ll probably need to order an odd number to be fully satisfied. the combo included two sandwiches, fries and a drink, and then i ordered an additional two to sample as many different flavors as i could. but i guess you’re typically limited to one flavor per two sandwiches, because i had to pay extra to have each sandwich a different flavor. not a good start.

on wingstop’s website, the sandwiches are pictured with pickles (and the slogan “grab a big tasty glider!”, which is quite misleading). my sandwiches did not come with pickles. i was outraged. the chicken comes in small fried cuts, is sauced, then tossed lovingly on what appears to be their normal rolls, cut in half. the chicken is not bad, it’s good quality meat with an alright breading, but there is not enough there to balance the dense bread it’s sandwiched between. and the sauce is just the same sauce they use on the wings. the traditional hot, pictured above, was alright, but as i said before, their sauce isn’t that great. and it did not play especially well on a bun.

hikory smoked bbq glider

the barbecue flavor was probably the best they had, with a nice, sweet, thick barbecue sauce liberally applied to the tiny chicken. it worked pretty well against the meat and the bread, but was by no means an exceptional sandwich.

teriyaki glider

the teriyaki was god-awful. i had remembered their teriyaki sauce being delicious from before, but this was a bitter salty disaster. not hint of sweet. it was extremely unpleasant to eat.

lemon pepper glider

the lemon pepper, the last of the flavors i ordered, and my favorite style of their wings, was also a colossal failure. the wings work well with the lemon pepper, but in sandwich form, it was near impossible to get through a bite without needing a drink. it was far too dry and salty.

the whole thing was rather disappointing. i guess i didn’t have extremely high expectations to begin with, and i can’t see a world in which their chicken sandwich could have ever been so good i would order it over their wings, but even still, this was a bad time. their sandwiches were just not good. small. crappy. poop. it was like i ate poop. boo. bad wingstop. bad.

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